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  • Power

    Rack-and-pinion design offers 20,000 lbs (89 kN) of pullback force for outstanding performance on a wide range of underground installations.

    Turbocharged with a 74.5-hp (55.6-kW) Tier-4 compliant Deutz® diesel engine, the JT20 requires no aftertreatment. The engine’s diesel oxidation catalyst replaces the muffler and decreases emissions.

    Design enhancements to the JT20 include a simplified hydraulic system that allows the unit to operate more efficiently during multiple machine functions.

  • Operation
    Operation U.S Metric Spindle speed, max 210 rpm Spindle torque, max 2,200 ft·lb 2980 N·m Carriage thrust travel speed 140 fpm 43 m/min Carriage pullback travel speed 140 fpm 43 m/min Thrust force 17,000 lb 75.6 kN Pullback force 20,000 lb 89 kN Bore diameter 4 in 102 mm Ground travel speed Forward/reverse 3.2 mph 5.2 km/h
  • Power (Tier 4)
    Power (Tier 4) Engine Deutz® TD2.9L4 Fuel Diesel Cooling medium Liquid Injection Direct Aspiration Turbocharged Number of cylinders 4 Displacement 177 in3 2.9 L Bore 3.62 in 92 mm Stroke 4.33 in 110 mm Manufacturer's gross power rating 74 hp 55 kW Rated speed 2,600 rpm Emissions compliance EPA Tier 4 EU Stage IIIB
  • Innovative Design
    Innovative Design

    The JT20 has no grease zerks – a Ditch Witch exclusive – and features all daily maintenance points in one easy-access location to simplify machine maintenance, reduce service time and increase uptime.

    A best-in-class, heavy-duty anchor system provides 16 inches more engagement than competitive units for outstanding stability while drilling.

    A proven, tethered ground-drive controller, with an optional wireless remote, helps with loading/unloading and helps the operator maneuver the unit to an optimal position for drilling.

    The drill is equipped with the advanced Ditch Witch SaverLok System® for the tightest connection and best protection against wear and tear on the drill pipe and drive system. The system is quick and easy to install with minimal downtime.

    The JT20 is compatible with the Subsite® Electronics TK RECONTM HDD guidance system, including the Commander 7™ display, with industry-leading depth range up to 110 feet (33.5 m) for greater efficiency and productivity on the job.

  • Battery (2 used)
    Battery (2 used) SAE reserve capacity rating 195 min SAE cold crank rating @ 0ºF (-18ºC) 950 amps Specifications are general and subject to change without notice. If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured. Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that shown.
  • Power (Tier 4i)
    Power (Tier 4i) Engine Deutz TD2.9L4 Fuel Diesel Cooling medium Liquid Injection Direct Aspiration Turbocharged Number of cylinders 4 Displacement 177 in3 2.9 L Bore 3.62 in 92 mm Stroke 4.33 in 110 mm Manufacturer's gross power rating 74 hp 55 kW Rated speed 2,600 rpm Emissions compliance EPA Tier 4i EU Stage IIIA
  • Operator's Station
    Operator's Station

    A newly designed operator’s station features an ergonomic, adjustable seat to reduce operator strain and keep the operator comfortable for long hours on the job.

    A color LCD display provides engine diagnostics and informational messages, including electronic strike indicators (ESID) and helps operators stay aware of what’s going on in and around the drill and jobsite.

    The machine’s open-top vise wrenches are angled toward the operator for an excellent view of the tool joint, and they require no daily maintenance.

  • Superior Support
    Superior Support

    The JT20 directional drill and its drill pipe and downhole tooling are part of a complete horizontal directional drilling (HDD) system designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organization to work together with unbeatable efficiency.

    Compatible with industry-leading Ditch Witch downhole tools, like the Trihawk® HD and PowerHouse® HD housings and bits, the JT20 provides superior efficiency and productivity in hard, compacted soils and soft rock.

    The JT20 is also compatible with premium Ditch Witch Power Pipe® HD Fluid Miser® II, Unlined and Forged HD drill pipe, providing the strongest and most wear-resistant tool joints in the industry.

    As with all Ditch Witch equipment, the JT20 is backed by a worldwide network of dealerships you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service and expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealership is your trusted partner.

  • Productivity

    Compact size offers greater productivity and maneuverability on residential and urban jobsites.

    The JT20 has a high ratio of power to size, allowing operators to install more utilities per day in tight, congested areas. 

    At 35 gpm, the drilling fluid system has greater capacity than competitive drills in its class. The high fluid flow enables larger diameter utility installations and better performance in various soil conditions.

    The JT20 features an enhanced cooling system for improved air flow and increases usable horsepower for maximized downhole efficiency. 

    The drill is equipped with an automated, intuitive carve mode that is easy to set up and adjust and helps reduce operator fatigue, increase production efficiencies and improve overall tooling life.

    A coordinated makeup feature increases the life of drill pipe joints by automatically matching carriage speed with rotation during pipe makeup and breakout.

    An industry-best cruise control system simplifies drilling and backreaming.

    The drill’s auto-throttle feature saves fuel by slowing the engine to idle after 15 seconds of inactivity; when work is resumed, the auto-throttle engages.

    Dual rear independent stabilizers are easy to engage for simple setup on rugged jobsites and enhanced stability while drilling.

  • Dimensions
    Dimensions Length 207 in 5.26 m Width 51.5 in 1.31 m Height 90 in 2.39 m Weight w/full rack 11,890 lb 5394 kg Entry angle 10-14° Angle of approach 18° Angle of departure 18°
  • Drilling Fluid System (On Board)
    Drilling Fluid System (On Board) Pressure, max 1,000 psi 69 bar Flow, max 35 gpm 132 l/min
  • Power Pipe®
    Power Pipe® Length of drill pipe, nominal 120 in 3.05 m Diameter of drill pipe, tool joint end 2.63 in 66.8 mm Diameter of drill pipe 2.06 in 52.3 mm Bend radius, min 107 ft 32 m Weight of drill pipe, lined 67 lb 30.4 kg
  • Fluid Capacities
    Fluid Capacities Hydraulic reservoir 19 gal 72 L Fuel tank 30 gal 114 L Engine oil w/filter 8.5 quarts 8.04 L Engine cooling system 4.6 gal 17 L