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  • FM13V

    Flowmax centrifugal pump flows 200 gpm (757 l/min) of 42-viscosity drilling fluid.

    One-piece mixing jet yields 8 bags/1,000 gallon (3785 L) in fewer than 8 minutes.

    Choice of 500- or 1,000-gallon (1892- or 3785-L) tanks, depending on the size of the job.

    Built-in bag ripper and steeper hopper sides help accelerate mixing cycles.

    System is designed to increase productivity through greater drilling fluid flow and faster yield times.

    The tank's sloping bottom ensures that all drilling fluid flows through the pump and is thoroughly mixed.

    Supports horizontal directional drilling systems of all sizes.

    Self-lubricating seal minimizes pump maintenance.

  • Dimensions



    Mixing system w/500-gallon tank

    150 in
    3810 mm

    31 in
    787 mm


    Tank assembly w/out fill pipe
    68 in
    1727 mm

    Tank assembly w/fill pipe
    75 in
    1905 mm

    Mixing unit
    450 lb
    205 kg

    Weight, empty
    550 lb
    250 kg

    Weight, full of water
    5,160 lb
    2345 kg

    Mixing system w/1,000-gallon tank

    180 in
    4572 mm

    42 in
    1067 mm


    Tank assembly w/out fill pipe
    72 in
    1829 mm

    Tank assembly w/fill pipe
    80 in
    2032 mm

    Mixing unit
    450 lb
    205 kg

    Weight, empty
    1,050 lb
    477 kg

    Weight, full of water
    9,840 lb
    4473 kg

  • Fluid/Mixing System

    Fluid/Mixing System

    Centrifugal pumps

    Suction port diameter
    3 in
    76 mm

    Discharge port diameter
    3 in
    76 mm

    Fluid pressure, max
    50 psi
    3.4 bar

    Pump discharge rate, water, max
    270 gpm
    1020 l/min

    Flow rate to boring unit, max
    220 gpm
    830 l/min

    Drilling fluid tank capacity
    500/1,000 gal
    1893/3785 L

    Solids addition rate, w/metering plate
    30 lb/min
    14 kg/m

    Solids addition rate, w/out metering plate
    75 lb/min
    34 kg/m

    Mixing hopper capacity (each hopper)
    1 ft3
    28 L

    Typical tank mixing time
    7-10 mm

  • Fluid Capacities

    Fluid Capacities

    Fuel tank
    6 gal
    23 L

    Engine lubrications oil, including filter
    1.2 qt
    1.1 L

    Specifications are general and subject to change without notice. If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured. Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that shown.

  • Power


    Honda® GX390


    Cooling medium

    Number of cylinders

    23.7 in3
    0.39 L

    3.46 in
    88 mm

    2.52 in
    64 mm

    Manufacturer's gross power rating
    11.7 hp
    8.7 kW

    Rated speed
    3,600 rpm

    Emissions compliance
    EPA Phase 2
    EU Stage II

  • Superior Support
    Superior Support

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